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Python for mobile programming?

Can python be used for mobile programming?

To tell you the truth, I like the Python language. A lot.

It is simple to learn; easy to read and plenty of tools are available that makes the developer very productive. Converting an idea into implementation is faster than many other languages that I learned over the years.

Not only excellent GUI and Web frameworks are available in Python; but the language itself is getting ported into other VMs too - like .NET and Java VM.

I choose Django for web development and IronPython for Windows desktop development. So far they have been excellent choices.

Continuing on the love of Python, I looked for a Python framework/tool for mobile development. I was (disappointed and) surprised that there are not many options. In fact only Nokia has released a mobile SDK in Python. I don’t have a Nokia and so I can’t use the application that I develop. That won’t motivate me much. Would it?

As I continued my search, I came across Jython. I was 'wow’ing since I assumed that I can now start writing mobile (J2ME) applications in Python. Installing Jython is easy. However it is currently used only for desktop and server programming; not for mobile programing.

I spent almost a week trying to write a J2ME program in Jython. Porting a simple ‘HelloWorld’ to Jython is easy. Issue starts immediately after that - preverifying the application and deploying into the device is either not possible or it is just overly complicated.

So after a week of R&D and banging my head against the wall, I’m giving up on mobile development in Python. May be I’ll visit Jython (or any other Python related language) sometime in the future and may be then there will be lot more players than just Noika.

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