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Learn to build web-applications with Hapijs and Typescript

Want to learn to program in hapi and typescript? Come on in.

Hapi is a product of Walmart labs. With hapi, they managed the peak load during black friday sale without a crash. If you are learning a nodejs framework, why not learn the best?

TypeScript, developed by Microsoft, brings all the features lacking in JavaScript. Yet, it does so without abandoning JavaScript.

In this series of posts, I’m learning (and teaching) Hapi & Typescript. If you are interested, subscribe via email in the below form.

Getting started with Hapi and Typescript
A beginner’s reference guide to TypeScript Language
Step by step guide to dockerizing a Hapi app
Comprehensive guide to using Gulp with Hapi & Typescript
Export Postgresql data to text files using nodejs
In-depth guide to handling routes in hapi
NPM as a build tool for Typescript projects
Connecting to SQL db from Hapi using TypeORM

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